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Welcome to the blog spot for all things related to The Most Wanted Crew; An artist collective created by Tim Munz, Igor Ventura, and Manny Rivas, featuring some of the most sought after up and coming artists and customizers from around the globe. Feel free to check out our online shop for original artwork and customs from some of our many talented artists. Thank you for checking us out and we hope you come back often to see what's new in the world of The MW Crew.

Friday, July 29, 2011


"From the vile minds of Tim Munz & Simon Walter, enjoy your apocalypse. . . "

The mysterious Golden Ticket Dunny for MW2 has final peered it's ugly head, and while under temptation no less. As much as I'd like to think that light will prevail, she's going to need something a little stronger than a carrot to get the job done. And what's with that wristwatch? Somehow, I don't think it's counting down for the next season of "Glee" to premiere. . .

Good luck. .

The (very frightened) MW Crew

Monday, July 25, 2011


Did you miss out on MW2 and have been kicking rocks ever since? Grabbed a few but didn't pull the "Heartless Girl" by Luihz Unreal? Whatever your reason may be, here's your chance at an AP! Head over to the Red Mutuca store and pick one up before I do!  ;)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Checkout our FB page for some of the happenings and exclusives from a few the MW artists. They're dropping some really dope stuff that you don't want to miss out on. Because chances are you'll be kicking yourself silly if you do ;)

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Don't worry, it's not contagious, promise. After opening up our facebook page we figured we'd let you twitter heads get in on the fun too, so with that said, feel free to follow us HERE! We'll be mirroring all our major posts (and some of the not so major ones) from our facebook so if twatter is your thing, you'll be up to date on most everything. That doesn't mean that we still won't release exclusive info, teasers, and whatever else boredom dictates here on our blog. This is your main source for all things MW so don't forget that ;)  We've even added an option to follow the blog via email! That's right, just look to right of this post and you'll see what I'm talking about. All you gotta do is add your email, click submit, reply to the confirmation email, and you're good to go. So, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, more than one way to keep tabs on us. Thanks again for all your continued support, you're the best fans a group of degenerates and misfits could ever have (kidding, we're actually really nice people in person, honest).

Much Love,

The MW Crew

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We've got a new facebook page, and we've put together a nice little giveaway to kick things of. We're celebrating MW3, our new little social page, and well, everything in between! So all you have to do is "like" us on our page, and come Thursday you'll find out exactly how you can win a custom Mini Munny by non other than RUNDMB! That's right, just log in to your fancy facebook page and give us a sympathetic "like", and you'll be that much closer to winning  ;)  We'll announce actual specifics on Thursday so stay tuned! There will be more chances to win so don't stop checking in. . .

Big thanks to David Bishop [rundmb], Mark at Hello Vinyl, ToysREvil, and every g@! damn fan we have out there for wanting this enough that we had to do it. . .at least for one more time. . .

Monday, July 11, 2011


That's right folks, we've started up our own facebook page and we'll have a sweet little something to go along with it's kick off. If you check out the top left corner of our blog, you'll see our "like" button. Click on it and spread the word, cuz this is going to be a good one!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Happy birthday to our friend, and fellow MW curator, Tim Munz! ! ! Hope you have a great day, drink a few pints for those of us who can't grab one with you, and I wish you all the best for the future! :D
For those of you over on the KR boards, feel free to drop him a line and wish him all the best!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


In celebration of his birthday my good buddy and fellow MW curator Tim, has put up a few new pieces over at the shop at insanely great prices! But, from what I hear, these prices may not last long, so if you see something you like don't take the risk and grab it while you still can! And keep checking the blog, the Kidrobot boards, and some of the usual places here and there around the 7th for something really amazing that's been in the works for the past few months. . .


SpongeBob is back in Dunny form! 
Using a 3" Dunny as a platform for this lovable sea dwelling creature,
add him to your collection before he irks his way back beneath the waves!


Bringing a little humor to the classic "Hello my name is" dunny,
Tim has played around with the order of the words to bring you this lovely little bastard. 
Display him next to your other Dunnys, or let em shine on his own, either way, you can't go wrong!

Part of the very popular '09 "Kitchen Project" by Tim Munz and Simon Walter that was featured on the Kidrobot boards, this little guy is now available for purchase. Act quick though cuz he's one of the last original pieces from this awesome project.


Doraemon, the happy time traveling cat is ready for a new home. 
No adoption papers needed, simply add him to your cart and wait for him to arrive.

Beware, tis the season, and the "Spring Monster" is on the hunt.
Still devouring his last meal, this vicious little bastard is meant to be observed from a far,
behind a glass case, away from any other Dunnys. . . Don't say I didn't warn you. . .